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mama emma plantain waffleCathy M.: "Totally in love with these waffles! My husband is even on board with these healthy, delicious creations. I cook down some fresh strawberries and a little basil and serve the fruit over the waffles. Delicious! Looking forward to additional products that you make with your heart and soul (you can taste it)."

Rachel N.: "Mama Emma’s waffles are our favorite breakfast item. We have them at least once or twice a week. My toddler loves them as much as I do. You can make them savory or sweet. Depends on our mood. Try them, you'll love them!"

Jennifer G.: "Everyone in my family enjoyed these waffles, and I'm happy to keep the waffle orders coming! The blueberry topping we got with our order was incredible, the consistency of the waffles is extremely impressive, and the size and flavor of each one is just right. As someone who is sensitive to wheat, other grains and dairy and who avoids sugar, this is a very nice option to have on hand. It's homemade without the time and mess!"

Nadine K.: "We love, love, love our Waffles from [Mama Emma's]. Delicious! No detail was overlooked. Love!!!!!"

Amy Ruth Finegold, holistic nutritionist: "Emma's waffles are exceptional!!! Nut-free, grain-free, and absolutely delicious. As a gluten-free baker, it takes a very special product to get me excited. Finally a grain-free company I can recommend to all of my clients and that my whole family can enjoy." 

Lori C.: "The waffle is absolutely DELISH! Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to my grain free life! Great people, great product--AMAZING mission!"

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